"My Picks" is ready for you to drag and drop your selections! My Picks automatically generates product inquiries based on selected catalogs. Once completed, your message will be sent to all the companies whose catalogs you've added into My Picks. Based on the catalogs, they will also already know what products you are interested in.
Add with drag and drop
1. Click and hold the catalog image.
2. Drag the catalog into My Picks.
3. Once in My Picks release the catalog.
Add with the shopping cart icon
Click on the at side of catalog
To enlarge a catalog image
You can expand catalog images by clicking the at bottom right of catalog.
To delete catalogs from My Picks
Click on the at bottom right of catalog.
This function allows you to cycle through previously selected companies and the catalogs selected from them.

Generate new searches with keywords or e-catalog codes without losing previously
selected catalogs from “My Picks”.